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More children are surviving their early years than ever before. Yet our job is far from done – more than five million under-fives still die each year.

Now rising inequality, pandemics and the climate crisis are set to make it worse.

We’re determined to change this. We’re pressuring governments and working with global partners to improve health for millions.

And every day, our doctors, nurses and health teams are saving lives in hard-to-reach communities around the world.

We have to make sure all children get the care they need for the best possible start in life.

That’s when any one found our treatment centre. Anyone was given nutritional milk, therapeutic food and antibiotics. After 10 days of treatment, Fatima had started to recover and had visibly put on weight.

Eight months on, Any people is thriving and enjoying playing with her big sister Fatun.
“When Fatima got sick, I cried. When I see my sister happy and healthy, I am happy for her. I carried her and gave her a kiss”,