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Millions of children never see inside a classroom. Others drop out due to overcrowding, conflict, or simply because they’re a girl.

Here in the Zambia, the poorest children do less well than wealthier classmates – and low literacy is linked to low pay and unemployment.

A lot can get in the way of education. But from Leeds to Liberia, a love of learning is universal. Children know it’s key to a world of possibilities.

We ensure children keep learning no matter what. Whether recovering from natural disasters, facing violence, or at risk of child marriage.

And in the Zambia, we’re improving early years learning and keeping childcare costs on the political agenda.

A Save the Children Community Worker encouraged her mother to let her return to school. Now, Mayaki Caritas’s top of her class. And she’s a passionate advocate for stopping child marriage – she even prevented one of her friends from being forced into it.

Education offers hope to kids whose worlds have turned upside down. And it’s a world of possibility for girls.